Description of the project

“L'HOSTAL DE L'AMOR”, students, alumni and members of the Aeolian team take part in the III FestiVers, the verse theater festival organized by La Companyia del Vers Retrobat and the Teatre Eòlia.

From 21 to 26 September 2021

The hostel of love is a scenic filigree from one of the plot structures older than walking: love versus lovelessness; imported this time from the old Italian Commedia dell'Arte. Its main characters, who explicitly and implicitly remind us of Pierrot, Colombina, the Harlequin, Captain Espantall…, are entertained by escaping from reality and fluttering like hummingbirds for the realm of fantasy and melancholy; they base their singularity on pure imaginative sensuality. The language used, full of subtle sharpness, is with verses of different sizes: Alexandrians, decasyllabic, octosyllabic… In short, a wonderful piece from the fertile ingenuity of the historian Ferran Soldevila.

Original of Ferran Soldevila
Stage management: Pere Sagristà-Ollé
Cast: Núria Farrús, Didac Rodríguez, Isaac Mohamed, Joan Vall, Anna Castells, Marina Bou, Lídia Tura, Jordi Reñé, Patrick Gannon, Martí Olalla