Description of the project

EWe are faced with a complex and intense relationship between a middle-class girl and a billionaire boy. They both have very different mindsets and in between
so many prejudices, they end up falling in love. The two will be put to the test and go through a roller coaster of emotions, where they will have the opportunity for the first time to find themselves in the middle of a toxic society and still sick of money.

September 3 and 4, 2021

Dramaturgy and direction: Priscilla Zanni
Management Assistant: Oscar Gimenez
Drama assistant: Mercedes Fernandez
Performers: Sergio Navarro and Marta Mateo
cover: Javier Pérez and Valèria Pisatti
Changing room: Priscilla Zanni
Lights: Andrés Piza
Sound space: Sergio Navarro
Choreography: Ingrid Machuca
Collaboration: Marcel Solé, Xavi Quero, Natalia Jiménez

Technician and head of room: Andrés Piza
Technical manager: Anna Espunya
Production: Julia Faneca

A production of Aeolian R&D. Exhibition of Emerging Interpreters 2021