Description of the project

Aleix Peña, alumni of acting in "La hija del aire" at the Teatro la Comedia in Madrid from May 23 to June 2.

Cast (in order of intervention)

Ricardo Moya, Germán Torres, Marta Betriu, Juan Díaz, Lander Iglesias, Marta Poveda, Agus Ruiz, Jose Luis Alcobendas, Aleix Peña Miralles, Ariana Martínez, José Luis Torrijo, David Vert (professor of Aeolian), Pedro Olivera and Jonás Alonso.

The daughter of the air

National Classical Theater Company - CNTC

- De Calderón de la Barca-

Calderón is a complex author, there is no doubt, and his theater, an existential and ideological reflection of a convulsive period full of claroscuros and contradictions.

His best texts, especially tragedies, attach to the deep abysses of power and its vital consequences.

The daughter of the air and Semiramis They are all a scenic prodigy that keeps us talking about the incredible and surprising of human becoming.

Mario Gas (director)


Video scene: Álvaro Luna
Musical composition: Orestes Gas
Lighting: Fiammetta Baldiserri
Costume: Franca Squarciapino
Scenography: Ezio Frigerio with Riccardo Massironi
Version: Benjamin Prado
Address: Mario Gas

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