Description of the project

Alumni Nuria Bonet, a former student of acting and Tony Casla, a former student of stage direction and drama, premiere Pablo Ley's The Collapse of the Usher House on the Joan Brossa Stage.


The collapse of the Usher house is one of Edgar Allan Poe's best-known and recognized stories. The story that explains, with a prose of beauty typical of poetry, can be framed within the horror genre. It is a universe full of dark corners, foggy forests, casals overcome by the years and cracks. But it is, above all, the story of two brothers, Roderick Usher and Lady Madeline, victims of a strange illness that causes overwhelming death at all times the scene. The story is told by a friend of the childhood of Roderick with whom he has long conversations. Lady Madeline is, in the story of Poe, a fleeting character as a shadow that passes in the distance.
The proposal tells, exactly, to explain the same story from the point of view of Lady Madeline. His are the eyes that look at us in the darkness and our soul glows.

Show in Catalan

Dramaturgy and direction Pablo Ley
Music and sound space Javier Gamazo
Actor director Tony Casla
Interpretation by Núria Bonet
Lighting Conchita Pons
Dressing room Carme Trias
Technician Èric Rufo
Producción Galilei Project with the collaboration of Eolia R & D Creation Areas

Acknowledgments Echedey Santana

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