The 48th Greek festival 2024 heats up in Barcelona. On Thursday, April 11, all the news and programs of the city's summer performing arts festival were announced at a press conference. The event, which will take place on June 26 to August 4, will start with a concert by the artist Sílvia Pérez Cruz.

This year's festival will feature 81 shows and more than 50 events, focused this year on the celebration of local talent together with the artists of Barcelona. But at the same time, there will also be a tribute to an internationally renowned master of the world's performing arts.

Not My Monkeys was presented for the first time in dramatized reading format in July 2023 at Teatre Eòlia as part of the program Beat of the Greek and now it takes another step in production.

A co-production of Theater Eòlia Produccions i Grec 2024 Barcelona Festival. Not my monkeys is one satire about him capitalism, the happytalism and the dictatorship of happiness in the world of work.

From 10/07/24 to 14/07/24

Direction: Martí Torras Mayneris
Dramaturgy: Manuel Moreno
Original idea: Rafa Delacroix, Diana Gómez, Georgina Latre, Manel Moreno (42KM) i Martí Torras Mayneris

Performers: Rafa Delacroix, Diana Gómez i Georgina Latre

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