Description of the project

RITA, a tragicomedy by Marta Buchaca starring former student Sara Espígul and Mireia Portas in Villarroel.

From 4 to 22 May 2022

Montse and Julia are sisters. Montse is right-handed and Julia is unable to make decisions. When Montse is advised by the vet to euthanize her dog Rita, her personal safety fades. Julia, on the other hand, is very clear about the decision that needs to be made. But when Montse raises the same question about her mother, the tension erupts.
Rita is a play about the family and the inability to accept death. A tragicomedy that talks about the difficulty of "letting go" of the people we love, tells us what it is like to live with dignity and explores the legitimacy we have to decide on the death of others.

Dramaturgy and direction: Marta Buchaca
Performers: Mireia Portas and Sara Espígul
Scenography: Sebastià Brosa
Changing room: The Pocket
Lighting: Jordi Berch
So: Carlos Bernal

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