Description of the project

POSESPAÑA, by Cia. The House of Asterion formed by 4 alumni: Júlia Barragán, Alexandre Fons, Albert Miró and Júlia Morella, premieres on October 13 at the Aeolian Theater.

Four actors who took part in the famous radio program The War of the Worlds meet again after many years to talk about the experience, remember the most difficult moments and pay a small tribute to the master. An iconoclastic theater proposal that draws a parallel between post-truth Spain and that of Millán Astray's ultra-Catholic Spanish Legion. A traditional red curtain, four actors and a screen that is not used to project images. A space where, by force, they will have to learn to coexist in the radio environment and the Caprichos de Goya, the actors of the Mercury Theater Company with the clown-slave performer of Angélica Liddell; a space where Orson Welles dialogues with Pasolini. A show never released and that has been defined by people who are not trusted as visceral, grotesque, obscene and pornographic.

Original idea, text, direction and production: Asterion's house
Performers: Júlia Barragán, Alexandre Fons, Albert Miró, Júlia Morella
Council: Mireia Ferré
Stage space and scenography: Brenda Cabrera
Changing room: Brenda Cabrera i Asterion's house
Lighting design: Brenda Cabrera i Asterion's house
Communication: Mireia Ferré
Promotional Image and Teaser: Rooster Tobias
Production The war of the worlds: Jaume Freixes

From 13/10/21 to 24/10/21 at the Teatre Eòlia.