Description of the project

"Las Casas de Noviembre" is a podcast docuseries produced by El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) exclusively for Podimo, which delves into twelve abandoned houses and considered cursed, located in different parts of the world. In each episode he crosses the threshold of a different house, to get to know the paranormal phenomena and the history that hides behind its walls, often the origin of the black legend that surrounds each of these enchanted places.

With the script by Miguel de la Fuente (screenwriter of El Terrat) and the narration of Laia Colàs, a wide cast of actors and actresses plays the different characters in each episode: Isaac Alarcón, Sergi Boix, Núria Bonet, Marcel Clemet, Anita Díeaz, Irene Gelida, Christian Luján, Enric Mauri, Pol Forment, Cristian Paretas, Clara Peteiro, Mercè Puy, Antoni Roura, Teresa Sirvent and Ruth Talavera (Aeolian alumni) and Thais Buforn, Lupe Cano, Carlos D. de la Rosa, Pedro Hernández, Marc Lobato, Marisol Salcedo. El Terrat's audio post-production team has set the stage for these cursed houses down to the smallest detail.

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