Àlecs Guixà, a former student of # EòliaLliure, has been chosen to play Manelic, the main role, in # ElLlopTV3.2022-02-21T22:15:17+01:00
Eternal, a short film directed by Andrea Lizarte, winner of the Lift Off First Time Filmmaker Award and nominated for international festivals.2022-02-21T21:39:39+01:00
Former student Sergi Boix has appeared in the TV3 series Com Si Fos Ahir in episode 823.2022-01-13T19:15:06+01:00
Judit Ampudia and Mireia Ferré in the short “I'M BACK, BABY” by Alicia Verdés and Jonas Linde.2021-10-06T10:30:55+02:00
#ELMETRALLA the TV3 telemovie directed by Jordi Roige in which former students and students of Aeolian participated.2021-10-05T16:04:51+02:00
Students Marc Pineda and Sònia Ninyerola in the TV3 series MOEIBUS, with former students of the Planter Marc Soler, Marc Aguilar and Lluís Arruga2021-05-17T19:40:39+02:00
Júlia Ferré winner of the Best Actress Award at the TMFF International Film Festival, United Kingdom.2021-04-27T11:44:30+02:00
Alícia Falcó in the series “Cuéntame cómo pasó” in chapter 380.2021-04-26T19:33:42+02:00
"Love disgusts me!" short film written and directed by Marc Inglés with 4th year ESAD students2021-01-11T18:12:45+01:00
Yolanda Sey as the lead actress in the film THE ILLEGAL WOMAN by Ramon Térmens.2020-12-16T11:54:01+01:00