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Alumni Diana Gómez and Paula Malia in the Netflix series "Valeria"2020-10-13T10:47:21+02:00
Guillem Albà and Yolanda Sey presenters of the program El lenguado de Tv3.2020-10-13T10:47:04+02:00
The student of the Planter Stella Tarradellas in Fun Home and As if it were yesterday from Tv3.2022-05-19T13:01:41+02:00
Yasmina Drissi and Júlia Gibert are former students of the Aeolian school in the new TV3 series "Les de l'hoquei".2022-05-19T12:59:45+02:00
Andrés Piza and Xesco Palacín win the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the Sabadell Horror Film Festival.2020-05-05T18:27:52+02:00
Sònia Masuda Mora performs the award-winning “audience choice” piece of the Edinburgh Rebel Film Festival!2019-03-18T12:02:00+01:00
Jing Jing Zhu to the trailer for the Oh My Goig series!2020-05-05T18:27:55+02:00
Former student Judit Ampudia in El Embarcadero, the new Movistar + series2020-05-05T18:27:50+02:00
Albert Roig (former student of Planter) is "Kim with K", in the Betevé series.2022-09-23T12:58:30+02:00
Roi Sastre on “PoliAmor”, the first live series via Instagram Live!2020-01-23T17:43:50+01:00