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Paula Malia, former student of EòliaLliure and former teacher of EòliaElPlanter interviewed on the TV Al TV program.

Although Paula Malia has not stopped working, it has been the Netflix series "Valeria" that has launched her to fame. As an actress she has also participated in the TV3 series “El crack”, “Cites”, “Benvinguts a la família” and “L'última nit del karaoke” and, as a singer, she was one of the voices of the group The Mamzelles, who became well known for the advertising campaign "Container, where are you going". During the journey "In the car!", Paula Malia talks about generational issues, such as job insecurity, instability, the role of social media or the crisis of the 30s. "When I was 18 I thought that at 30 I would have my life fixed and it's not like that, but I really like the life I have."

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