Former students of the Free Training Júlia Lara and Bárbara Mestanza in the cast of the film "42 Segundos" by Àlex Murrull and Dani de la Orden.2023-02-07T15:18:54+01:00
Student Alba Jubany from the Degree in EAS, one of the secondary characters in the Netflix film "Los renglones torcidos de Dios".2023-02-07T12:25:30+01:00
Great participation of students and alumni from all areas (Grau, Liure, TSL and El Planter) of the center in the TV3 series "Com si fos ahir".2023-02-06T13:44:22+01:00
Alumni Judit Ampudia stars in the horror short film TURNO DE NOCHE by Claudia Silva from ESCAC premiered at Cinesa Diagonal.2023-02-06T12:43:28+01:00
Planter alumni Albert Salazar and Lluís Català, and Eòlia teacher Sandra Monclús in the new TV3 series "Bojos per Molière".2023-04-11T13:05:20+02:00
Martí Cordero, 3rd grade student, plays Kevin in the Movistar Plus series FÁCIL, by Anna R. Costa.2023-01-07T19:55:40+01:00
Ton Vieira Free Education student on Netflix's "Once Upon a Time But Not Now" series.2022-05-31T15:57:16+02:00
The students Enzo Oliver and Anna Bernal of the Degree of interpretation in the series of the digital channel of RTVE, TO BE OR NOT TO BE.2022-05-30T14:51:56+02:00
EòliaLliure students Alba Gallén, Anna Puigdueta and Laura Plana at the El Llop Laboratory on TV3.2022-02-22T10:28:12+01:00
Paula Malia, former student of EòliaLliure and former teacher of EòliaElPlanter interviewed on the TV Al TV program.2022-09-23T12:45:53+02:00