Description of the project

The students Enzo Oliver and Anna Bernal of the Degree of interpretation in the series of the digital channel of RTVE, TO BE OR NOT TO BE.

'To be or not to be' tells the story of Joel, a 16-year-old trans teenager who dreams of becoming a great performer while facing the emotional challenges of his newly initiated transition.

It is a naturalistic series that addresses without prejudice a very topical issue and sheds light on the experiences of a group unknown to many or misunderstood by others. It aims to be a transformative series, giving visibility and naturalizing with freshness and humor the growing range of identities and gender expressions of today's youth.

Six 25-minute episodes created and written by Coral Cruz and directed by Marta Pahissa. It is the debut in front of the cameras of the young trans actor Ander Puig.

Released March 30, 2022

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