Description of the project

Alumni Judit Ampudia stars in the horror short film TURNO DE NOCHE by Claudia Silva from ESCAC premiered at Cinesa Diagonal.

Elsa (22) is a young nurse who has started working the night shift, in the palliative care unit of a hospital. There, he will have to sedate Cristina (37), a patient with advanced terminal cancer, who will cling to life until her last breath. After the event, Cris will be completely asleep and absent from life. That's when a strange presence begins to haunt Elsa, making her work and her personal life more and more difficult. Elsa must find a way to face her fears in order to free herself from them.

November 7 at 20pm at CINESA DIAGONAL in Barcelona

With Judit Ampudia, Mireia Rey and Octavi Pujades.