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Former students of the Free Training Bárbara Mestanza and Júlia Lara in the cast of the film "42 Segundos" by Àlex Murrull and Dani de la Orden.

A few months before the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics, the Spanish water polo team has all the numbers to pass without shame or glory. They are not prepared and need a shock if they don't want to make a fool of themselves by playing in their own house. That repulsive legacy comes in the form of a new coach with a reputation for being tough and more than questionable work techniques. As if that weren't enough, the team has two leaders facing each other for their way of understanding this sport: Manel Estiarte and Pedro García Aguado. But thanks to a superhuman effort, teamwork and the support of an entire country, they will demonstrate to the whole world that you can reach beyond where they never imagined.

Premiere September 2022

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