Description of the project

Martí Cordero 3rd grade student in the Movistar FÁCIL series, by Anna R. Costa.

Miniseries (November 2022 Movistar +). 5 episodes. After a lifetime of living in different centers, four women with functional diversity from Barcelona live in a protected flat overlooking the Barceloneta. Marga, Nati, Patri and Àngel, are four women searching for who they are in a world that has already decided what they are without them. Their way of discovering their independence begins to collide with all the rules established for them, rules that they must comply with in order to continue living together in the flat. The series is based on the novel by Cristina Morales 'Easy reading'.

Cast: Natalia de Molina, Anna Castillo, Anna Marchessi, Coria Castillo, Bruna Cusí, Martí Cordero, Eloi Costa, Clara Segura, Àgata Roca, David Bages, Albert Pla, Francesca Piñón.