Sara Espías and Claud Hernández, alumni of the Degree in EAS, in the film "Two days and eternity"2023-08-29T11:55:16+02:00
Aleida Mañas, student of Free Education, in the Generalitat spot "FOC OFF"2023-08-28T11:58:09+02:00
Jelen García, former student of the Free Training, in "Campeonex", by Javier Fesser2023-08-28T11:57:17+02:00
Alicia Falcó (student of ESAD and former student of Planter) stars in "Las buenas compañías"2023-05-19T17:07:13+02:00
Alicia Falcó (ESAD student and former Planter student) participates in "Nacho"2023-05-16T13:32:43+02:00
Alicia Falcó (student of ESAD and ex-student of Planter) in "13 exorcisms"2023-05-16T13:23:04+02:00
Alumni Joana Vilapuig, Yolanda Sey, Marc Ribera and Ariadna Llobet in Filmin's "Selftape" series2023-05-16T12:42:45+02:00
Preview of HADA at Cinemes Girona in Barcelona, ​​a film created as ESAD's TFG2023-05-16T11:45:07+02:00
Planter student Vinyet Rodríguez in Trenc d'alba, short film nominated for the Cannes Film Festival2023-05-11T10:11:43+02:00
Carla Miralda, Domènec Vis and Natàlia Revilla (former students of Lliure) compete in TV3's "Eufòria"2023-04-11T13:58:41+02:00