Description of the project

Great participation of students and alumni from all areas of the center in the TV3 series "Com si fos ahir".

Quim Llisorgas in the role of Hector, Judit Ampudia, Sergi Boix, Marcel Clement, Lua Amat, Bru Martínez, etc. And school teachers like David Vert and Davo Marin.

the essence

The series wants to present an everyday life that can sometimes be raw, sometimes pathetic, but which can also be tender, light and even funny. It's not a comedy, but humor arises spontaneously from small everyday situations, from misunderstandings, from the behavior of people who try to do the best they can but often get it wrong. And, in the day-to-day struggle to get ahead, we can all be miserable and noble at the same time.

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