Former student Bàrbara Mestanza wins the 2021th High Season Festival Drama Tournament XNUMX2022-01-12T19:53:05+01:00
Francesc Ferrer, exaequo award for Best Performance awarded by the AADPC at the #PremiBBVATeatre 20212021-10-06T13:04:55+02:00
CLOWNS by Tony Casla and the Antzoki Teatteri Company awarded at the II International theater without fund festival in Alexandria.2021-10-06T11:14:13+02:00
Júlia Ferré winner of the Best Actress Award at the TMFF International Film Festival, United Kingdom.2021-04-27T11:44:30+02:00
CLOWNS by Tony Casla winner of the Best Performance Award at the GingerFest in Tula, Russia.2021-04-26T14:41:14+02:00
Pruna, by Queralt Riera, winner of the 2019 Adrià Gual Theater Prize at La Seca Espai Brossa.2021-04-26T15:02:14+02:00
Marc Pociello winner of the Butaca Award for Best Musical Actor for "La Tienda de los Horrores"2021-01-11T19:03:56+01:00
“El poder” by Queralt Riera wins the seventh edition of the Adrià Gual Prize of the Institut del Teatre 20192020-12-09T14:22:10+01:00
Mar Monegal wins the X High Season Dramaturgy Tournament with the text “Monopoly”2020-12-09T14:50:40+01:00
DE DOL, by Queralt Riera awarded the XXXVIII Ciutat de València Theater Prize 20192020-11-30T09:48:00+01:00