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Former student Bàrbara Mestanza has won the XI Drama Season Tournament of the Temporada Alta Festival.

He has done so with the play # Niñata, performed by Júlia Truyol and Pau Roca. We hope the text has a lot of life ahead of us!

Bàrbara Mestanza is the winner of the eleventh edition of the Catalan Dramaturgy Tournament organized by the Temporada Alta festival. Mestanza won over Bernat Molina by only one vote in the final that took place on Monday 13 December in the evening, in the Sala Planeta in Girona. The playwright presented 'Niñata', a comedy that starts with an ironic situation when a woman arrives at Barcelona City Hall where her fiancé is waiting for her to get married after she is beaten by a taxi driver. Bernat Molina, for his part, presented 'Sobre sorra banyada', a drama in which a famous actress revives her daughter whom she had never paid much attention to for her professional career.

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