Description of the project

Former student Rai Borrell in the show Forever Young del Tricicle at the Teatre Poliorama.

Seven young actors play themselves, or what they will be in forty years, when they are living in a residence for retired artists who do not resign themselves to simply being old.

A tender show, without ever scratching the cheesy, fun without falling into bad taste, smart but for audiences of any age. A comedy where they sing (very well) songs that are part of our DNA. A breath of fresh air in the world of conventional music. A breath of hope. A song about "living every day".

Unquestionable. A forceful assertion, but based strictly on consummate facts, since all the members of the artistic team of FOREVER are regular collaborators of the same TRICYCLE.

Original script: Erik Gedeon
Direction and adaptation: TRICYCLE
Musical direction: Marc Garcia Rami
PERFORMERS: Rai Borrell, Llorenç González, Irene Jódar, Mercè Martínez, Anna Mateo, Marc Pujol, Lucía Torres and, on the piano, Marc Garcia.

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Until May 29, 2022