A piece by Carla Torres, Clara Manyós, La Peleona and a lot of chickens.

In a world of chickens, a lone, rebellious egg decides not to be born. Tired of the way of life imposed by a meaningless production chain, he decides to make use of his potential not to do, choosing not to be born. After a first moment of confusion, and as if it were a wave of sabotage, the rest of the eggs join the protest in the hope that perhaps their unusual action will get the hens to realize that they are alive. in a sick society that has to change if it is not to disappear.
With the abyss of extinction in front of their beaks, the hens will try to convince the unsubmissive eggs of the need to be born. A difficult dialogue with ourselves where positioning ourselves will not be an easy task.

Creation and direction: Carla Torres and Clara Manyós
Dramaturgy: Carla Torres
Performers: Berta Graells, Carla Torres, Carles Goñi, Clara Manyós, Eloy Pazos, Patrícia Mendoza, Ruth Talavera

Scenography: Anna Tantull
Lighting design: Quim Algora
Musical composition: Jordi Cornudella
Costume design: Zaida Crespo
Sound space: Alejo Levis
Stage movement: Berta Graells
Movement consultant: Vero Cendoya
Assistant director: Eu Manzanares and Carmela Poch
Function poster photographs: Nicolás Jódar
Rehearsal photographs: EuManzanares
Poster design: Alejo Levis
Production Manager: Raül Perales
Executive production: Ruth Talavera
Production: La Peleona

Winning project of the Odysseus Aeolian R&D Scholarship 2019

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