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La SGAE FOUNDATION i NOVA EÓLIA, SL, through a mutual collaboration agreement, establish for the 2017-2018 course, the 1a call for SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS for students of higher studies of Dramaturgy and Stage Direction ofESAD EOLINE.


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The director of the General Society of Authors and Publishers in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Ramon Muntaner, i the founder and co-director of Eolia, Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Rosa Galindo; the partner of Eòlia, Paco Mir, and the partner of Eòlia, Joan Lluís Bozzo, They have signed an agreement under which both entities reinforce their commitment to the creation and promotion of new dramaturgy in the field of pedagogy, the dissemination of text and the protection of authoritarian creation.

La General Society of Authors and Publishers, through the SGAE Foundation, supports theESAD Eolia not only in the development of programs related to the training, the promotion, the dissemination of the dramaturgy, but also, for the improvement of the knowledge of the students of all the linked the right of author and the intellectual property.

Fundación SGAE y ESAD Eolia: cuatro años compartiendo proyectos de apoyo y promoción de la emergencia dramática

The SGAE Foundation started 2013 a collaboration agreement with Eolia for the organization of the «Workshop on the creation of contemporary dramaturgy», In the framework of the professional practice courses of EÒlia 2013-2014. Under the masters of playwrights - and also project directors - Pablo Ley and Carles Mallol, the students of the last course of the school worked the dramatic writing from the initial text of an already consolidated professional dramatist. Thus, throughout an academic year, dramatists, composers and actors worked interdisciplinary to create a new collective dramatic creation that they exhibited in a theater room open to the general public.

As a result of this collaboration, 2014 saw the light the pieces People annoyed, with text and address of Carles Mallol, the Big Bang Hell Club - The journey of Orpheus, with dramaturgy of Pablo Ley, stage direction of Josep Galindo and musical composition of Jorge de la Torre, who developed the concept of musical drama with the Taller de Músics.

The 2014, the collaboration of the SGAE Foundation with Eolia He focused on supporting the new workshop project «La platea», in El Planter, aimed at young people from 17 and 19 years interested in contemporary creation and new dramaturgy. The course was given from October 2014 to June of 2015 in the same school, and in the months of December 2014 and February and March 2015 at the headquarters of the SGAE and the SGAE Foundation in Catalonia. The 2014 our organization also collaborated in the "Practical course of writing of musical theater", that they distributed Joan Lluís Bozzo, director, playwright and lyricist, i Joan Vives, composer, lyricist and musical director, from 27 from January to 30 in June of 2014.

In the 2015 year the collaboration between the SGAE and Eolia Foundation focused on the «Creation workshop for young people », which was held from 19 on 21 in June at the Eòlia headquarters in Barcelona. Its aim was to promote contemporary creation and new dramaturgy between the new generations.

The 2016, our entity collaborated on the project «Practices of staging of Eolia and Fundación SGAE», The practical work of the higher studies of dramatic art of the specialty of Dramaturgy and Direction that was developed during the academic course 2016-2017. The purpose of this project was for emerging authors to create a short theatrical piece to be represented in public. Under the supervision of a tutor, each author had to synthesise with the knowledge acquired in the studies and with his own creative intuitions. The "Stage Performance Practices"Eolia i SGAE Foundation»Represent a fundamental area of ​​experimentation for students and want to strengthen the consolidation of new lines of research and creation based on the drive to self-manage students.

With regard to the informative and pedagogical work on copyright carried out by the SGAE in Catalonia, there have been several informational sessions on intellectual property that have been taught, from 2013 to 2017, to students of Eolia.



Here are the winners of the 1a Call for SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS for higher studies of Dramaturgy and Stage Direction ofESAD EOLINE de first, second, third and fourth courses: Yaiza Peña Soley, Priscila Zanni Bertran, Marcel Clement Valera, Antonio Castro Lappi, Maria Donoso Sánchez, Jordi Casado Olivas and Francesc Sabater Echarte. Congratulations to all!


The students ofESAD EOLINE, interested in opting for the SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS, you will need to meet the following requirements:
1) Fill in the application form for SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS (Download here the application form) and submit it, within the established deadlines, to the offices of the Academic Secretary of the center.
2) Present, together with the application form, a letter of motivation.
3) In the case of applicants for students in the first year, it is essential that they have passed the specific entrance exam.
4) Have previously enrolled a minimum of 60 ECTS credits (students of 1r, 2n and 3r course) or have enrolled at least the 15 credits corresponding to the Final Project of Career (students of 4t course).
5) Residing in Spain when submitting the application.
6) Become a member of SGAE or, failing that, to do it, once the scholarship has been awarded.

The economic endowment of the SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS It is distributed as follows:

2 Scholarships for €2.200 for first year students.
5 Scholarships for €1.100 for second, third and fourth year students.

The amount of the scholarship will be deducted from the corresponding tuition. In no case, the beneficiaries will directly perceive the economic amount granted.

Duly submitted applications will be evaluated by a selection committee, made up of members of SGAE, SGAE Foundation and from NOVA EÓLIA, SL (Direction of the center, Prefecture of studies and the Head of the specialty of Dramaturgy and Direction).

Once you have made a preselection, the candidates at SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS will be summoned, individually, to a personal interview.

In the selection process it will be assessed:
a) Student aspirings:
- Motivational letter.
- CV of the applicant.
- Academic record of the entrance exam.
- Family or individual income, in the event that the applicant is financially independent.
b) Students:
- Motivational letter.
- CV of the applicant.
- Academic record of the student.
- Family or individual income, in the event that the student is financially independent.

The final resolution will be notified to the beneficiaries via email 17 of September of 2017.

The selected candidates will have 10 working days from the communication of the resolution to accept (or not) the granted scholarship and, also, to accept the consequent obligations derived from their enrollment. The academic secretary of the center will issue a document of The acceptance of the scholarship, which will have to sign the selected one obligatorily. In conjunction with this document, the certificate of affiliation to the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE)

The beneficiaries of the SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS they must meet the following obligations:
1) Follow the academic program with maximum use, assistance and participation. They will also have to mention the granting of the scholarship in their artistic curricula.
2) Contribute to enrich the academic and artistic life ofEòlia ESAD through the attendance and participation in the activities of the center to which they are summoned. All these activities are oriented to complement their academic and artistic training.
3) Become a member of SGAE or, failing that, to do it, once the scholarship has been awarded.

Failure to comply with these obligations could entail automatic loss of financial assistance and, as a result, its final cancellation. NOVA EÒLIA, SL reserves the right to decide on any event not provided for in these rules.

The presentation of a request to this announcement implies, by the candidates, the acceptance of the bases collected here, as well as the criteria and decisions that NOVA EÒLIA SL can take before any doubt of interpretation about these Bases and conditions set out here.

NOVA EÒLIA SL reserves the right to annul this call, or to change any of its conditions, if for reasons beyond its control it could not be carried out with the normal development of the same.

Similarly, NOVA EÒLIA SL may declare invalid any requests that present irregularities in the identification data of the candidates. It also reserves the right to declare the resolution void in case any of the candidates is eligible for them SGAE SCHOLARSHIPS.

The presentation of applications must be made effective by means of registration in the academic secretary ofEOLICA (Casp street, 82 low - 08010 Barcelona) from 1 July to 15 September 2017.

Barcelona, ​​2 May of 2017