At a general level, this course aims to allow each student to work on a selection of different solo musical themes, both vocal and interpretive, with a live repertoire pianist, and to be able to show them at the end of the year in the theater of the school and in front of the public.

The objectives to be achieved at the end of the course are:

  • Acquisition of confidence when singing as a soloist in front of an audience.
  • Sing with an appropriate vocal color according to the musical style.
  • Transmission of emotion through the voice.
  • Vocal tuning training on choral or duet music.

Each student will work on a couple of solo themes, a duet and one or two group themes with the rest of the class. It will all depend on the evolution of the work throughout the different sessions.

Both musical theater themes and other musical genres will be worked on, such as rock, soul, bolero…

The course has two teachers throughout the sessions. On the one hand, the pianist repertoire and teacher of vocal technique, who will attend at all times to the student to find the best version of his solo songs. And on the other hand a teacher of vocal technique and interpretation, who will work so that the interpretation of the song and the vocal quality can have the maximum of performance and quality.

Depending on the number of students enrolled, the weekly sessions will be 2,5 or 3 hours.

The course will end with a final presentation of the topics worked on at the Teatre Eòlia, with the public.

Morning group: From September 19 to February 13, 2024. PLE GROUP
Tuesday from 11am to 14pm with Marc Vilavella and Gustavo Llull (pianist)

Evening group: From October 2 to February 12, 2024
Monday from 19pm to 21.30pm with Núria Llausí and Adrià Aguilera (pianist)


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