The workshop is a helping hand, a push, towards the abyss of the most personal and non-transferable. Aimed at artists and students in the field of any discipline or combination of them (performing arts, plastic arts, music, visual arts, etc.), as well as anyone interested in exploring, finding, extracting and presenting what is not ' has never said yet.

Saturdays 3, 10 and 17 February 2024
De 10h a 14h
Course hours: 12h
Price: € 175 / 150 € students from Eolia

Each biographical and historical process shapes and defines our uniqueness, becoming (without exception) valuable and unrepeatable witnesses waiting to be called.

Part theory, part practical exercises, and part dialogue with individualized tutoring.

-Multidisciplinarity as a playing field
-Intuition vs technique
- Content-form coherence, form as content
-Internal logic of the device
-Sublimation of the unconscious (spontaneous association, projection, improvisation, masks...)
-Function of references: door vs ceiling
-Blank sheet vs external dimensions
-Distinction between core and periphery
-Reading layers
-Phases of the process
-Conflicts with the outside world (resistance to opening the way and self-censorship)
-Expressive value vs. political value

Henry Montefusco 

The path is not chosen. Even the most intimate vocation transcends our individual sphere and, without a doubt, our will. In this sense, after 25 years of artistic career, teaching has become part of my interests. Experience has shown me that the most desirable horizon is always the one in which one can offer the best of oneself, the best version, to the rest. This is why we artists are very lucky and doomed; we can devote much of our time to the search for our individual voice, which can be recognized by others and even become a spokesperson. It is an individuality destined to rub off - or directly encounter the culture from which it has emerged and is a product of it. It is the -often- ungrateful, liberating and necessary path of everything that has to do with art, but also of everything that has to do with teaching. In both cases - I understand - it is about redefining and updating again and again the relationship between the individual and his society, always too cumbersome, always a slave to inertia and hidden forces of resistance. Having people in front of me willing to ask questions and be permeable is a privileged situation, because it allows me to open my heart and offer the most valuable of what I have. In doing so, curiously, the great challenge is not so much in helping to accumulate information, but in helping to filter and decipher it. The most difficult thing is not learning and, in fact, I understand that the greatest complexity comes when you have to unlearn. In this sense, what my courses are about - ultimately - is to give tools to be free people and creators; with full and deep
trust in all that genuinely comes from each of us.