Through the basis of traditional classical yoga, guidelines are given that can be fundamental both for the dramatic function and to be applied in different aspects to everyday life by delving into the inner part of each.

This workshop is aimed at performing arts performers, people who are dedicated to the communication, and anyone else who wants to free the body and mind.

Benefits of yoga linked to acting preparation and training

  • Connect with body, movement and voice
  • Being present, awareness
  • Attention and concentration
  • Loss of fears, minimize anxiety, and the search for serenity and health

The Yoga

It comprises a cluster of methods that contribute to the development and improvement of the human being and to self-awareness and connection to the environment. During the masterclasses there will be talks and above all a lot of practice.

The techniques used are:

  • The Asanas, the postures, is the part of body awareness and movement
  • The Pranayamas, regulation of breathing to control mental processes
  • Savasana, learning to relax in the face of so many stimuli at once, inner calm
  • Mantras, work with sound, vibration and voice
  • Pratyahara and Dhyana, concentration and meditation

Workshops, dates and prices

This project has three Masterclasses applied to the benefits that yoga provides to the preparation of the actor (with the possibility of carrying out in the next school year (from September to June) a complete training of yoga teachers).

You can do a single Masterclass or participate in all of them. In all three, all aspects are worked on in a practical way, but in each one more intention is being put into the subject to be treated.


1. Saturday March 2 from 15pm to 20pm. Course closed

This practice connects the body, coordination and breathing. Specialized Yoga class to develop skills that help us become aware of our own body and coordinated movements to interact with objects and people in all kinds of spaces and circumstances. It is accompanied by pranayamas, the breathing exercises of yoga that lead to the concentration and expansion of vital energy.
Meditation techniques that consist of observing reality in the present moment, without any intention of judging and with full openness and acceptance.

Preu: 125 €


2. Saturday April 27 from 15pm to 20pm and Sunday April 28 from 10am to 15pm

Work with the being and Expression with the ego and disidentification of roles.

Specialized Yoga class aimed at finding Presence and connecting with your existence, what you are. In this essence is what makes us different and unique, what takes shape and manifests itself through an aspect, a character, a personality and an identity.

To live in presence is to take off your mask and discover who you really are. It is adopting a contemplative vision of the infinite and timeless "I am" from silence.

Through yoga we walk towards a true inner transformation.

Preu: 235 €


3. Saturday 25 May from 15pm to 20pm

We work to stop the mind, sound and voice.
Specialized Yoga class for the Throat Chakra, also known as Vishuddha, is associated with the vocal cords and is an important energy center for communication, for example (fear of public speaking) and expression, it unlocks our inspiration and allows ideas to flow freely. It also improves our ability to handle thoughts and emotions.
Free your voice through the chanting of Mantras. They free the mind from negativity by accessing other planes of consciousness using the voice as medicine and as an instrument to deepen self-awareness.

Preu: 125 €


It is directed by Pradeep Kumar, a native teacher of India, the birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda, and Laura Sivaneih, a teacher and therapist with more than twenty years of experience.

Collaboration with EÒLIA, Higher Center of Dramatic Art from Barcelona with Center Lotus Ayurveda, Yoga and Personal Growth at Seu d´Urgell


Native teacher of Kerala. In love with Ayurveda and yoga.

One of his passions, in addition to healing and treating, is to train and contribute his experience as a professional, so that others can take the path to the life they want to live.

Vaidya in Ayurvedic Medicine and Panchakarma by Traditional Institute of Kerala with a duration of 5 years of studies. Specialized in Traditional Marma Medicine, by the Marma Association of Kerala.

Classical Yoga teacher trained in ashrams in India, in the lines of Sivananda and Satyananda.

Work experience of 20 years, dealing with and teaching people from all over the world both in Kerala and Catalonia.

In 2011, together with Laura, she created the Lotus Center for Ayurveda, Yoga and Personal Growth at Seu d'Urgell, which aims to be a dialogue and rapprochement between Eastern and Western culture.


"Yoga is a gift to humanity" Graduated in Philosophy from the UAB and specialized in Pedagogy and Ethics. Experience as a teacher in secondary education, in the philosophical, historical, sociological and psychological fields.

Yoga teacher accredited by the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.

In 2001, he made his first trip to India and had his first Yoga Master. Since then it is directed more towards Eastern philosophy.

He has studied and taught since 2005 different yoga and meditation techniques from various schools, and various therapies; Pnl, coaching, Emotional intelligence, mindfulness, Subtle energy, Akashic records, Healing wounds.