We will be working on different TV scenes and/or monologues. We will focus on language delivery in English, and will help students to act naturally and correctly with their voice using tempo as a tool for mastering a different language. We will make sure to bring as much emotional truth to the scenes as possible, and for that we will do acting exercises and the necessary emotional preparations.

Del 17 al 21 de juliol de 2023
De 18h a 21h
Hores del curs: 15h
Preu: 210€ / 185€ alumnes d’Eòlia

A week-long English acting course at where we will work two scenes per couple. One a classic (like Hollywood) and the other an original (the original could be used for a videobook scene in the future). Depending on the final number of students, it is possible to work also a monologue.
We will focus on language delivery in English. Allow students to act correctly with their voice, such as tempo in a different language. We have to accept that we have accents and work with them, not against them. So we will look at how to incorporate a language that we do not always use. For example, phrases that the actor has never used before, how can we make it feel believable?
Of course we will also make sure to bring as much emotional truth to the scenes as may be possible. Actors can use their existing techniques, otherwise we will also see some emotional preparations necessary, depending on the scene.
Ultimately, the scenes must be believable and understandable. We will work with the strengths of the actors and not we will force them to participate in unbelievable scenes saying words that don’t make sense. This is especially important if the scenes can be used to shoot at another time.

What we will cover:
1 Work with your voice, not against it – so we can focus on the acting.
2 The more truthful the acting the easier it is to work in a foreign language.
3 Tempo and enunciation of English where needed.
4 Confidence with what you have as an actor.
5 How to develop confidence to act in a different language.
6 We will do some method acting exercises in English to break through the language barrier.
7 We will all look at two scenes for each person – one classic, one original.

Oliver Torr

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