Department of the Body and Dance

The aim of the work of the Department of Body and Dance is to provide students with the basic resources in order to have a body available, discover its limits and possibilities. We will focus on becoming aware of body habits and trends in how we move, breathe, and relate. Expand the body's capacity and its possibilities of expression.


Be aware of the use of the body and breathing in motion. Improve postural use and breathing with movement. Experience the basic technical principles of movement that favor the corporal availability and the economy of effort. Open to the pleasure of dancing being present in the body itself. Begin in the discipline and attention of the body at the service of the movement. Work the perception and projection of the body in space in relation to others.

Annual subject Hours / set: 3h (1.5h + 1.5h)


Experience the commitment of training. Deepen in the observation of the basic principles of the movement and develop the capacities towards him. Articulation and study of choreographic language: provide tools to activate the ability to memorize and create movement sequences by expanding body language.

Morning: Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Afternoon: Tuesdays and Thursdays of 17: 30 to 19h

Annual subject Hours / set:  3h (1.5h + 1.5h)



Throughout the course, packs of 4 individual sessions are offered that constitute an intensive process of learning. These 4 sessions focus on overcoming some difficulty or specific limitation of the student in the development of his activity as an actor (learn to manage the scenic fear, to be more present, to learn to express with the whole body, to have more freedom of movement

The Grinberg Method uses the training of our attention to stop being trapped in roles that we automatically repeat and limit or condition our capabilities. The learning methodology consists of using the tact and various techniques (related to breathing, muscular control, learning to silence, among others) that extend our perception of the body and how we use it and provides us with tools with which to overcome what limits us.

If you want more information about the Grinberg Method you can check the official website:

Individual sessions 60'


The Alexander Technique It is a method through which we can learn to use ourselves more efficiently, coordinating thought with the movement, releasing tensions and economizing energy. A soft system that helps us to detect and change habits, both postural and of use, that interfere in the ordering and coordination of this indispensable tool for the life that is our body.

Through simple activities and from the movement, we will raise sensitive receptors found in the muscles, tendons and skin in order to improve our own perception and the sense of kinesthesia and thus improve the use and quality of the movement itself .

The sessions want to make available tools that, from the Alexander Technique, allow to improve the quality of movement of those performers, such as musicians, dancers, actors or actresses, who use their body as a means of " expression We will learn to make us use more freely from a conscious mind oriented towards availability.

Individual sessions 45' in 60' .