Interpretation in front of the camera

class-camera-webThe interpretation in front of the camera has a special specificity and different from other types of interpretations. Knowing the various interpretive schools, the different ways of approaching a script, the genres and sub-genres that come together in any audiovisual product is the first of the objectives of this training branch.

From cinema, television, entertainment programs, sketches, video clips, short films, etc. we will find out how to improve, refine and polish students ’tools and techniques. sample-camera

We base our pedagogical brand on the analysis and viewing of the great interpretations of the history of cinema.

The exhaustive knowledge of the great engines of change that have meant for the seventh art a before and an after in the world of interpretation.

We will acquire the necessary knowledge to face the reading and the challenge of a paper, the own mechanisms of a cinematographic and / or television shooting and above all, we will realize practices so that the student learns in first person the necessary technical resources to form be like an actor in front of the camera.

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