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Alicia Falcó (student of ESAD and former student of Planter) stars in "Las buenas compañías"2023-05-19T17:07:13+02:00
Alicia Falcó (ESAD student and former Planter student) participates in "Nacho"2023-05-16T13:32:43+02:00
Alicia Falcó (student of ESAD and ex-student of Planter) in "13 exorcisms"2023-05-16T13:23:04+02:00
Planter student Vinyet Rodríguez in Trenc d'alba, short film nominated for the Cannes Film Festival2023-05-11T10:11:43+02:00
Great participation of students and alumni from all areas (Grau, Liure, TSL and El Planter) of the center in the TV3 series "Com si fos ahir".2023-02-06T13:44:22+01:00
Planter alumni Albert Salazar and Lluís Català, and Eòlia teacher Sandra Monclús in the new TV3 series "Bojos per Molière".2023-04-11T13:05:20+02:00
ElPlanter alumni Ivan Clemente and Jan Gómez premiered "Los chicos del coro: el musical", at Teatro La Latina in Madrid!2022-12-14T21:24:31+01:00
Eloi Gómez (former Planter student) is in the musical NEXT TO NORMAL playing Henry at the Ideal Theater.2022-09-23T12:44:44+02:00
Carla Pueyo alumni of El Grau and Eloi Gómez alumni of Planter in the play “Les Històries Naturals” at the Teatre Condal.2022-05-31T15:36:09+02:00
Former students Clara Solé (El Planter) and Neus Soler (ESAD Interpretation) in the play La filla del mar, winner of 3 Critics' Awards!2022-05-19T12:46:55+02:00