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Eloi Gómez (former Planter student) is in the musical NEXT TO NORMAL playing Henry at the Ideal Theater.2022-09-23T12:44:44+02:00
Carla Pueyo alumni of El Grau and Eloi Gómez alumni of Planter in the play “Les Històries Naturals” at the Teatre Condal.2022-05-31T15:36:09+02:00
Former students Clara Solé (El Planter) and Neus Soler (ESAD Interpretation) in the play La filla del mar, winner of 3 Critics' Awards!2022-05-19T12:46:55+02:00
Paula Malia, former student of EòliaLliure and former teacher of EòliaElPlanter interviewed on the TV Al TV program.2022-09-23T12:45:53+02:00
Aeolian student El Planter Jana Galindo, the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz, returns to the Teatre Condal in December and January.2022-09-23T12:43:27+02:00
#ToLikeOrNotToLike of the Cia. Ada Vilaró with Nil Martín in the Sala Beckett2022-05-19T12:51:09+02:00
Alícia Falcó and Lea Torrents (former student and student of the Planter) in “That murky day I left…” at the Teatre Lliure.2022-05-19T12:52:25+02:00
Xavi Cabezas (former student of Planter) known as Tecnomago, with the show 'Violet Rabbit'2022-09-23T12:51:44+02:00
Marc Pociello (former student) and Jana Galindo (student of the Planter) in the musical EL MÀGIC D'OZ at the Teatre Condal.2022-05-19T12:53:18+02:00
Héctor Pérez, a student at the Planter, star in the series “Los espabilados” by Albert Espinosa on Movistar.2022-05-19T12:54:22+02:00