Description of the project

From 16 to 28 May at 20.30h, 19 May at 18h and 20.30h and 20 May at 18h at the Eòlia Theater

Author and director: Marc Crehuet
Assistant director: Héctor Rull
Performers: Ainoa Santiago, Sela Conde, Clàudia de Luna, Clàudia Fernández, Alexandra Flores, Paola Corleone, Sandra Miret, Meri Anglés, Tama Martínez and Julia Tricas
Scenography: Andrea Monje
Lighting design: Anna Espunya
Illustration: Marc Torices
Graphic design: Helena Gràcia

In front of the facade mirror of a faculty, five university students confess their insecurities to their own reflections. A few hours before the graduation ceremony, Ursula's reflection decides to abandon her, leaving her alone with her own fears and triggering a rebellion on the other side of the mirror.