Description of the project

“El poder”, a proposal for physical and object theater, has been the winner of the seventh edition of the Adrià Gual Prize of the Institut del Teatre 2019.

Through puppets, "El poder" will talk about violence and child abuse with the intention of generating a new discourse, away from the victim and focused on society. The actresses will work on the “woman / object” duality, “assaulted / aggressor woman”, becoming both the assaulted person and the adult who receives the story and reacts by attacking.

The Nins collective is made up of the director and playwright of the production, Queralt Riera, the actress and member of the company Les Antonietes Anabel Castan, and the graduate in Gesture Interpretation from the School of Dramatic Art (ESAD) Laura Calvet . The team is completed by ESAD graduates Momo Fabré, Carlos Gallardo, Jordi Rovira and the music professor at the Joan Alavedra Theater Institute.

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