Description of the project

#Pruna, winning work of the Adrià Gual Theater Award 2019 at La Seca Espai Brossa as part of the Grec Festival in Barcelona, ​​“from Grec to Grec”.

A text by Queralt Riera and interpreted by Laura Calvet and Annabel Castan.

The story of a girl, the Plum, is also the story of a woman. This work is a mixed tale of real witnesses, which shows us the reality of child abuse. And it also shows us a life of so many. And it makes us laugh, we get excited and at some point it shrinks our hearts.

Direction and dramaturgy: Queralt Riera (alumni)
Executive production: Raül Perales (teacher)
Production: Collective Children

(I.e. From 21 / 04 to 09 / 05.

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