Description of the project

Neus Soler (student) and Alba Gallén (student of 3rd year of Lliure) participate in the play "When we've tortured ourselves enough" in the Sala Petita of the TNC. And the Eòlia teacher Sadurní Vergés as assistant director.

  • TNC Small Room
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Martin Crimp's work, inspired by the novel pamela by Samuel Richardson, raises the relationship of six characters of various social statuses and ages, who represent a dangerous game of power and domination. This work bursts into contemporary debate in order to explore the messy, and often violent, nature of desire, the performative nature of male and female roles, the fluidity of gender, the possible contradictions between feminist ideology and sexual attraction or the mediatization of desire through economic power.

Written by Martin Crimp. Directed by Magda Puyo

With Anna Alarcón, Alba Gallén, Cristi Garbo, Guim Oliver, Xavi Sáez, Neus Soler

Images by Laia Alberch

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