Description of the project

Max Grosse, former student of Eòlia, in "L'amic retrobat" at the Goya Theatre.

Fred Uhlman's friend reunited tells through the voice of an adult man, Hans Schwarz, son of a Jewish family, the same story of friendship from more than three decades ago with Konradin Von Hohenfels, son of a aristocratic family of Swabia. The boys meet at the Karl Alexander Gymnasium in Stuttgart, Württenmber's most famous school, and begin an intense relationship in which they share and merge knowledge, ideas, concerns and also contradictions. Initially, the friendship is formed on the sidelines of the country's political confrontation, but, little by little, it will be clouded by the turbulent events and the rise in tension experienced in Germany from 1933 with the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism.

From October 18 to November 12 at the Goya Theater in Barcelona.