Description of the project

A nugget looks hidden behind a box of a Happy Meal as the ketchup drips down the tray, between half-eaten potatoes and the remains of a box of Big Mac. Between salt, mustard, lettuce and bread: fascism.

From 1 to 4 in July of the 2021

Direction: Aleix Fauró
Collective drama
Assistant Director: Natalia Jimenez
Choreography: Martha Thomas
Performers: Ana Montseny, Toni Cairós, Lua Roca, Maria de la Mora, Martí Alós, Montse Padilla and Paula Vilá.
Collaboration: Berta Llatse
Lamp design: Anna Espunya

Technician and head of room: Andrés Piza
Theater manager: Anna Espunya
Production: Julia Faneca
Ticket office: Miriam Tirado

A production of Aeolian R&D.
Exhibition of Emerging Interpreters 2021