Description of the project

Óscar Domínguez (former student) will step on the stage of the Teatre Victòria with Billy Elliot El Musical.

Released October 9, 2021

BILLY ELLIOT The Musical, one of the most exciting shows in the world, arrives at the Teatre Victoria in Barcelona after eleven years in London, four on Broadway and three in Madrid.

The musical tells the story of young Billy, born in a town in the north of England in which men practice boxing and work in the mine. None of them dance or harbor ambitions to perform at the Royal Ballet School. But Billy is different. Raised by a widowed father, without the affection of a mother, Billy does not like boxing but is captivated by the grace and wonder of ballet. With iron determination he will fight to achieve his dreams, returning the union to his family and faith to a community devastated by the final turmoil of the British mining industry.

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