Description of the project

"Los hijos perdidos de Dios" from the La Casa de Asterión Company created by alumni: Júlia Barragán, Albert Miró, Júlia Morella (student of the Degree in Interpretation) and Alexandre Fons (student of the Degree in Interpretation and Mention in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy) at the Tantarantana Theatre.

Alicante was the city where the Republicans shot José Antonio Primo de Rivera. Every November 20, for more than forty years, Falangists from all over Spain occupied the city to celebrate a funeral mass in his honor. It was then that my friend's grandfather built El Bancal, a house on the outskirts, where he would hide with his family every anniversary of the massacre.

This is the house we are in now. A house full of rooms, full of secrets about the three generations of this family.

In El Bancal, the country's most abundant and rare table setting takes place. An 80-year-old table. A table of ghosts and fantasies: Angelito, the suicidal cowboy. Uncle Pedro, the brother of my friend's grandfather, slave to fascist prostitution. Maria José and Rosa, fallers at the end of the dictatorship, modern and atheists during the transition. And the buffoon Alvaro, the youngest person to be kicked out of all the gay clubs in Benidorm.

'Los hijos perdidos de Dios' is a work about memory, about the people who remember and the people remembered. Even, and sometimes, about people who don't remember and people who are not remembered. A play in three acts: the youth of three generations, the mythology of a left-wing family in Alicante from the 40s to today. Life is what happens between dictatorships, love and parties. And when you least expect it, you've already forgotten it.

From January 18 to February 5, 2023 in the Átic22 room


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