Description of the project

Former student Sara Espígul starred in the play Monopoly of the former student Mon Monegal in the Atrium Room.

A dramatic comedy about capitalism. A vibrant show that directly appeals to the audience, a fun and devastating game that reflects on the value of the individual, the limits of freedom and how capitalism modifies human relationships.

Del 12.01.22 al 06.02.22

Author: Mar Monegal
Direction: Josep Galindo and Mar Monegal
Performers: Eduard Buch and Sara Espígul
Audiovisual works: Toni Roura
Stage space: Josep Galindo (ArtPlay) and Joan Griset
Movement: Aina Torné
Lighting: Anna Espunya and Juárez
Sound and Qlab: Éric Rufo
Photographs show: MW Photography

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