Description of the project

Interpreting alumni of the Jana Serra and Anna Castells degree at the Tantarantana Theater with the play "Ubu Rex".

Ubu Rex it is an adaptation of the company Application Rejected of the text Ubu Roi byAlfred Jarry about how power has made us travel through a bloody, dirty and corrupt history.

Premiere on November 9. On the poster from November 10 to 27, 2022.


The lust for power is satisfied when the Ubu stage a coup, but the fever of tyranny does not stop once they are crowned, and this will be their undoing. Ma and Pa Ubu, a couple similar to a grain of pus, find themselves alone and exiled but still with the same vehemence to conquer the desired empire once more.

Ubu Rex is built from an adaptation ofUbu Roi byAlfred Jarry, where you play and create based on the languages ​​spoken by the performers, Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Jana Serra i Charlie Mills they play the Ubu couple, who tell us, while illustrating the other characters in the play, how power has made them travel through a bloody, dirty and corrupt history.

This is a show selected by Novaveu within the framework of the Visionaries project which is part of the Community Program of the Tantarantana Theater as a Creation Factory.

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