Description of the project


It is a contemporary text. A journey through a woman's life. It will grow before our eyes of 8 at 88 years. It will show the fragility, the pain of life and the little happiness that will sometimes get scratching. A reflection of the unrest in which we often live and that we strive to deny. Perhaps, looking at the intimate truth and facing it brings us closer, at least, to a certain peace.

Medea, who feels she has killed her children. With the heart broken and alone. A woman of the 21st century, like any other.

Winner of the 47è October Prize of Theater "Pere Capella, Beca Odisseu 2018 and finalist of Quim Masó 2018.



Text: Queralt Riera
Direction: Queralt Riera
Actresses / Performers: Rosa Cadafalch and Patrícia Mendoza.
Scenic space: José Menchero
Sound space and live music: Joan Alavedra
Photo: Mercè Ramírez
Graphic Design: Queralt Riera
Poster design: Adrià Losa
Producer: NUQ art i Eolia R & D

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