Description of the project

Student Sara Espígul one of the protagonists of the play FITZROY – QUATRE DONES AL LÍMIT at the Borràs Theatre.

FITZROY is the new comedy by Jordi Galceran (The Gronholm Method) directed by Sergi Belbel and starring four top-level actresses; Sílvia Bel, Míriam Iscla, Sara Espígul and Natalia Sánchez.

Four female climbers are halfway up Fitzroy, a mountain located in the southern Patagonian ice field, between Argentina and Chile, one of the most complicated climbing routes in the world and never reached by a female roper. The bad weather has stopped them and, while they wait for the conditions to improve, sheltered in a ledge of the rock, unexpected problems arise that make them hesitate whether to go ahead with the ascent or give up. To continue would mean taking risks that they had not foreseen and that could endanger their lives, to give up would be to give up the possibility of reaching a milestone that they may never be able to repeat.

Authors: Jordi Garcelan
Direction: Sergi Belbel
From February 2 to April 23, 2023 at the Borràs Theatre.