Description of the project

The alumni Rai Borrell at the Teatro Albéniz (Madrid) with COMPANY EL MUSICAL by Antonio Banderas interpret David, Harry and Larry.

Is it better to live alone or in company? This is the question that Bobby asks himself on his birthday, while his best friends prepare him a surprise party that is not so much. Bobby has always been a golden bachelor and he has no shortage of opportunities to get married, but until now he has not dared to take the final step. Is it too late? Is there a time limit to find happiness? Along a series of comical and melancholic encounters with the couples that surround him in his immediate environment (Harry and Sarah, who have opposing interests and still love each other, Peter and Susan, happier since they decide to divorce than while they have estado casados, or Amy and Paul, who have doubts on the same day of their wedding) and with the three women he usually goes out with, Bobby will reflect on the pros and cons of establishing a relationship. But those encounters, do they really happen or are they just a memory of Bobby? Or maybe just a dream, the projection of your hopes and frustrations? How to distinguish reality from desire?

November 2022 to February 2023

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