Description of the project

Alumni Georgina Latre in the play "Tocar mare" at Sala Beckett with Lluïsa Castell, play by Marta Barceló and directed by Jordi Casanovas.

From 09/11/2022 to 04/12/2022 at Beckett Room

Esperança, a cheerful and lively pre-retired woman, and Empar, the young director of an audiovisual production company, make up an atypical family that is turned upside down by an unexpected event. The two women will have to go on a journey, through the funniest shared memories and through the hardest personal experiences, to discover what can endanger their bond and what can make it stronger.

A story of written pacts, fish cannelloni, children's bicycles with blue handlebars, family albums to fill and hugs to be had. A comedy as sweet as it is heartwarming that will make us question the nature of unconditional love.