Description of the project

The company El Borrego formed by alumni of Aeolian performance at the Teatre Maldà with the play "Dancing (is the only one that) will save us".

From November 17 to December 12, 2021

I don’t know when we started dancing. I guess at the beginning of it all, when our first ancestors were still not what we know today. We danced before or after painting the caves, we danced to celebrate the harvest, we danced to say goodbye to those we loved. Dance. There is no other answer. This work is not a work. The beginning is its end and the end, you will see, is its beginning. Like a game. But if we needed the convention of the first retort, we would say that the action begins when Armstrong places his first foot on the moon, July 20, 1969. In the midst of the baby boom generation (the parents of our performers). And it passes through our country by skipping the laws of time and space so far and to this day.
Marc Artigau i Queralt

Direction: Marc Artigau and Aleix Fauró
Dramaturgy: Marc Artigau
Performers: Júlia Barragán, Alexandre Fons, Óscar Giménez, Andrea Lizarte, Ingrid Machuca, Mariona Margarit, Júlia Morella, Pol de la Rosa, Valentina Scapusio
Choreography: Marta Tomasa
Assistant director: Elna Roca
Lighting design: Anna Espunya

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