Description of the project

ElPlanter alumni Ivan Clemente and Jan Gómez premiered "Los chicos del coro: el musical", at Teatro La Latina in Madrid!

From December 15, 2022 to April 9, 2023

Ivan with a starring role playing Pascal Mondain more information at

SYNOPSIS (in Spanish)
Clément Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher, receives a job offer as a supervisor in a boarding school for troubled children. In El Fondo del Estanque he will meet some guys who will give him the incentive to return to his great passion:

Start a choir to, through music, bring out the best in each boy. Faced with the dictatorial methods of the Director of the center, Mr. Rachin, at the end of time, the students will form a successful choir. The creative force of music reaches everyone's heart and opens the doors to companionship, solidarity and love.

Jesus Castejon
Natalia Millan
Rafa Castejon
Eva Diago
Antonio MM
Ivan Clemente
Enrique R. del Portal