Description of the project

ESAD alumni Neus Soler and Jordi Casado are part of "The Kingdom of the Eels" in the Sala Versus Glòries. Neus Soler participates as performer and musical director, and Jordi Casado as assistant director.

In celebration of the ten years of its foundation, LAminimAL Teatre presents "The Kingdom of the Eels". An unpublished text by Albert Pijuan, playwright and novelist winner of the Ciutat de Tarragona prize and the Finestres prize for his novel Tsunami. The work deals with one of the taboo subjects of our recent history: the stolen boys and girls of the Franco regime.

We are in Barceloneta in 1973. On any given day, Ramonet, a door-to-door shoe salesman, knocks on the door of De La, a quinqui with whom he often matches in an illegal poker game. De La explains to Ramonet a project for which he needs a collaborator. There is a lot of money at stake. In reality, more than a project, it is an appropriation: to arrive before the "official" mafias organized by the powers (civil guard, nuns and priests included) and steal the newborn baby of La Bella Rosita, an artist of the Parallel without much success. Ramonet, convinced that, in reality, what they will do is to give a better life to a creature condemned to misery and social exclusion, agrees to participate in the robbery. The ultimate goal is to sell it to the Brufaus, a family from the upper part of the city, but not everything goes as planned. Gender stereotypes crumble before the paternalistic gaze of Ramonet who is trapped in his ignorance.

From Wednesday to Sunday from 03/05 to 28/05/23.

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