Description of the project

Esad acting students Georgina Aragall and Àlex Llopis take part in the film Joc de enfants, by Rubén Sánchez.

Marc is a different guy from the others. He just lost his best friend just in the year the University begins. Immersed in an internet society, social media and the anxieties of young people to become adults, you decide to question your emotions. In it, he discovers his fears of being an adult and leaving the childhood stage. It scares him to mature unlike others. With the support of the memory of Oscar, in the middle of the city, between tears and laughter. Marc learns to let go, heal distant memories and redefine his emotions.

Screenwriter: Rubén Sánchez
Cast: Pablo Scapigliati, Marina Pinto, Natalia Bertran, Dafnis Balduz, Georgina Aragall, Oriol Ramis, Jan Mediavilla, Luis Anyó, Alex Llopis

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