Description of the project

Life is a fiction… based on real events.

From individual fiction to collective fiction. From the stories created by the powerful to control the weakest to the self-deception we create to survive.

The philosopher Slavoj Žižek says that we need fiction to face life, to digest it. We need to live in a story, because the real reality is traumatic, excessive, unbearable. To protect ourselves from it, we live in a world that, so hyperrealistic, is deeply unreal, and we begin to perceive real reality as a virtual entity, an illusion, a nightmare.

A scenic journey that does not want to be an escape from the Platonic cave, but a conscious descent into its darkest caves.

Direction: Jorge-Yamam Serrano
Assistant directors: Sara Sors, ​​Alejandro R. Rodríguez
Dramaturgy: Collective creation
Performers: Ariadna Barbeta, Paula Castillo, Diana Hermoso, Nil Martín, Xavi Moré, Elisenda Riera, Júlia Sardà

A production of Aeolian R&D
2021 Emerging Creators Show

From the 19rd to the 21th February 2021.

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