Description of the project

Carla Torres, student of stage direction and drama and teacher, presents ESTAT DESGRÀCIA at the Teatre Tantarantana.

CIA LA PELEONA | Written and directed by Carla Torres
From May 18 5 June


'State of Misfortune is an irreverent hooliganism that puts God, the devil and Nietzsche on stage to speculate on the future of humanity (led by the umpteenth reincarnation of Christ) in a kind of play in which everyone will look of changing the course of the apocalyptic dystopia in which they find themselves. A proposal that plays without fear of "perverting" these great icons of Western culture, bringing them to the threshold of the grotesque, with the underground intention of provoking the reflection and empowerment of the audience. Estat DeSgràcia is, therefore, a collective catharsis that allows us to laugh at the absurdity of our lives and try to dream of a possible way out of this pool of shit and apathy to which our days have been reduced. '

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