Description of the project

Carla Pueyo alumni of El Grau and Eloi Gómez alumni of Planter in the play “Les Històries Naturals” at the Teatre Condal.

Antoni de Montpalau in search of a vampire. A journey from the heart of darkness, to the deepest feelings of the heart.

Antoni de Montpalau, a renowned naturalist scientist of the Barcelona bourgeoisie, will be pushed to solve the mystery of the deaths that plague the town of Pratdip and are attributed to the bloodthirsty vampire Onofre de Dip. Helped by her cousin, the captain of the navy, Isadora Novau, and by the brave young Agnès d'Urpí, Montpalau's firm rationalist principles will begin to crack.

Based on the vampire adventure novel by Joan Perucho, this adaptation focuses on the initiatory journey of the hero Antoni de Montpalau and the discovery of a world he thought impossible.

From 24 May to 3 in June of 2022

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